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Tamanu Oil toner to purify, revive, refresh and tone. Control your oily skin and keep your sebum level balanced.

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Tamanu: For acne and acne scars, eczema, psoriasis, age spots, skin rashes, general scarring, dermatitis through to anti aging. Control oily skin. Treat Blemishes. Rejuvenates.

Chaparral: Purifying and antioxidant properties which are useful for oily and/or blemished skin.

Caffeine: Reduces dark circles, dark spots and puffiness. Energizes skin.

Carrot: Contains high levels of carotenoids, potassium, Vitamin C, essential nutrients, and amino acids. The nutrients as well as carrot’s natural antioxidants are thought to increase the skin's overall tone, health, and appearance from sun damage.

Rose: Hydrating, high in antioxidants, and excellent for reducing redness and inflammation.

Witch Hazel: Has the ability to tighten skin and reduce inflammation. Helps minimize pores. Treats discoloration and puffiness under and around eyes.

Rhubarb: Great moisturizing properties. Effectively recovers skin hydration, protects the skin from future moisture loss, and appears to improve barrier function of the skin.