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for 75% of my life, i can say that i hadn’t been taking care of my body. i was buying cheap, watered down products from impersonal, big brand companies that just wanted to make a profit.

then in 2016, i saw that kayla, that badass lead singer from bleed the pigs, had started her own cosmetics line. my birthday was coming up, so i decided to treat myself by purchasing the pink clay face/body cleanser. the next month, i went to her popup shop in ny and bought my first face mask, third tier. two years later, i never looked back.

i don’t trust anyone else with my skincare needs. i battled with oily, dehydrated skin, painful cystic acne, and dry skin on the rest of my body for years. now i don’t even remember what that felt like. self care feels less like a chore and more like an experience, something to look forward to. her products are made to work for everyone, they’re sustainable and they’re made to last. her ingredients are all natural so i can trust that my body won’t be harmed in any way. i always recommend her store to friends when they want to try a skincare line that’s natural, yet effective. not to mention, they’re absolutely beautiful.

i think some of my favorite products to this date have been softer, softest, beetroot + rose cleanser, jellyfish, and linger (may dolores rest in peace). i’ve wanted to try some products that have been sold out, but i can understand why she can’t make everything available. still, i feel like all of these products are great enough to be produced at an even larger scale.

as a black woman and a human being, kayla has been so inspirational to me. i appreciate all of the care that she puts into formulating her products with the best quality ingredients, describing what each of them do, and designing them as well. i feel more comfortable and in touch with my body than ever before.

thank you for existing and transforming lives.
— Shayhan L
In love.
I’ve been a fan of Foxie Cosmetics for years ever since I first heard of Kayla’s products on Tumblr. I cannot say enough good things about it 😍 Foxie is possibly the only line of cosmetics that hasn’t left my skin irritated but has instead left me feeling soft, relaxed and smelling heavenly.
— Lilo A
Best bath bombs I’ve ever used!

These bath bombs are simply the best! I’ve used other products from various stores, and I always found my skin feeling dry as soon as I stepped out of my bathtub. After I used Kayla’s Roseraie, I was elated to find my skin feeling smooth! I recently used Violet Beauregarde Cake (what can I say, jasmine is one of my favorite scents!), and my skin felt just as amazing. As someone who deals with chronic pain, I am so thankful to Kayla for making these beautiful products. I can’t wait to use my next Foxie bath bomb!
— Rani G
Foxie products make my skin glowingly healthy and soft. I have used various bath bombs for my aches and pains (as a martial artist these are a must-have) for several years, but just recently found the facial products. I am mixed race and have had difficulty finding non-drying / non-greasy products that work for me. These are the best !!! I especially love the mischief mask. And Kayla is an A+ lady who I feel happy to support in any way possible.
— Julaya A
I always recommend Foxie Cosmetics its always better to support small local brands that are also vegan! So glad I found this brand!
— Ellen J
I found out about Foxie through word of mouth via social media and my life hasn’t been the same since I became a customer, in the best way possible. I’ve been chronically sick with a possible autoimmune condition for awhile and constant rashes made keeping a consistent skin care regiment really difficult. When I found out Kayla herself deals with chronic illness and not only tests but uses the products herself, I was sold. It’s been months since I’ve started with the bombs and expanded to other products from Foxie and my skin couldn’t be happier! No buildup, irritation, and every scented product smells like heaven. Even own my husband has taken to swiping some of my bombs and using Foxie when he wants to pamper himself. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the brand in the future.
— Maya W
After a hellish work day, I came home and ran a bath using Jellyfish bath bomb crush. It has sage leaves and essential oils and really soothes tired and sore muscles. I played spa music and read some of my book and never felt more relaxed. I also used the peppermint solid shampoo and I was surprised at how creamy the lather was. After my bath, I used the Fruit body butter. My skin has never felt so soft! I’m so impressed with Kayla and her Foxie brand!! Everything I have purchased thus far has been truly decadent.
— Andrea B
There’s many reasons I love Foxie Cosmetics-first and foremost, the quality is phenomenal, and they’re vegan. It’s really hard for me to find products I can use, because my skin is very sensitive, and I’m vegan, which limits my options even more. Beyond that, I try my hardest to support w/poc businesses as much as possible, so for Kayla to be making such amazing products of the highest quality I’ve ever encountered, how could I not support Foxie Cosmetics, and recommend others to do the same?
— R P

Always the best!! Kayla is seriously amazing. The products are unstoppable, but also— the service is unbelievable. I had a mobile error when I was checking out and Kayla personally fixed my shipping address and made sure everything went smoothly. The products don’t just smell nice— they actually make me feel better!!!
— Zach B

I’ve been bouncing between face washes for almost 10 years now, and I’ve never found one that made my face feel so clean and soft. The Coconut and Rose milk cleanser is an actual miracle, plus I like to support small business. I have already recommended Foxie to literally anyone who will listen.
— Samantha M

The overall quality of the product and packaging are fantastic. Initially I had thought the price point was slightly high, however I have gotten a lot of use out of the products and the quality ingredients make the price ultimately worth it
— Michelle K

Whenever I receive a package from Foxie, it always comes with a hand written note addressing me by name. When I started to make repeated orders, Kayla noticed and thanked me for my continued support.

Aside from that, the products themselves are gold. The ingredients, the time taken to master them, and the deliverance of the products speak to the company. I recommend Foxie to everyone, even though I want to keep it my little secret.

You’re doing an amazing job, Kayla. Keep it up!
— Kiana B

The customer service is impeccable. I look forward to the handwritten cards. Also, I like the transparency about the brand, ingredients, and store openings. Kayla cares about the quality and consistency of her products.
— Maya D

These products are the only ones that do wonders for my skin. I have a lot of melanin in my skin so I tend to get really oily, but these products have helped me tame the oiliness. A lot of my friends are like me so I would definitely recommend this line of skincare to them.
— Karen C

Love Foxie!

I have mild acne and sensitive skin. I first used Kids of the Black Hole and it really cleared up my skin after I ran out, I bought In Grind We Trust after Kids of the Black Hole was already sold out after the website reopened. I just used In Grind We Trust and I can’t stop touching my face! My skin is so soft! My favorite part about Foxie is that Kayla sends a personal note. I really love it even though there’s not much on there. It makes me happy and I will keep shopping on this website!
— Jessica W

So this is only my first order, and I am not being dramatic when I say these products are well worth the wait. I love supporting small businesses, and this has become my end all be all. I ordered the green with envy face wash, and I can tell you HONESTLY that this cleanser will keep your skin bright, clean, and on the defense of life’s natural irritants. The yellow Brazilian clay soap smells so citrusy, my favorite. I wish it had a lotion or something to apply so I could smell like it all day.... Yeah.... It’s really soothing and the scents honestly melt into you in the shower.

If you have chai vanilla, be prepared for your skin to be super moisturized. A little goes a very long way, a very long way. Man.... I could go on and on about Foxie, but I can tell you this. She will have a slew of orders coming from me from here on out.

In love with the quality, attention to detail, and the cute hand written thank yous from this gem.
— Kiana B

Now that I’ve used the products for some time, I feel like I can finally give a review! My first purchases were the Green with Envy face cleanser and chamomile softea face toner. I can definitely see an improvement in my skin. It’s much clearer, and redness in my face is reduced. My next purchase was softer, softest face moisturizer. I love how soft my face feels after and I feel like I’m always finding an excuse to use it. I even used it on my tattoo while it was in the healing stages. Can’t wait to try more of her products! I’m addicted!
— Sarah L

Kaylas products are really unparalleled in quality and creativity. Plus I always want to support black business (esp. black womens businesses) and the amount of work she puts into the store is seriously incredible. But I mean even without any of the ethical reasons I support Foxie her products (like I said) are insanely good.
— Rebekah S

Foxie’s products have really helped my skin, and always leaves me feeling refreshed. I’m really glad I found Foxie, and would definitely recommend it to anyone!
— Sarah M

I may have only purchased two things this time around but it was enough to assure me that EVERYTHING that is Foxie Cosmetics is perfect quality. I will never stop running at the mouth about the Miss World lotion and the Green With Envy facial bar soap. Both treat my body better than any other product I’ve ever used. 10 outta 10.
— Jessica G

My skin is super sensitive so its hard to find products that dont make my skin red and blotchy, ive tried a bunch of different Foxie products and they all leave my skin feeling fine! Softer, softest is probably the most important thing in my beauty routine - last time i ran out i was so devastated, so i had to buy two at the restock! I also highly recommend the Coconut & Rose cleanser, Jelly Toning cleanser, and Roses are Red face mask.
— Rachel H

The products are always creative, high quality and arrive in good condition. I’d definitely recommend Foxie Cosmetics to anyone who was looking for a unique beauty experience that you can’t find at places like LUSH or other stores.
— Deirdre S

Such a treat.

I’m so impressed with every product I’ve ordered and used from Foxie Cosmetics. I have a few favorites, but I’m always looking forward for the new things Kayla creates for us. I adore how she personalizes every order as well. Overall awesome brand.
— Whitney M

I’m a bath bomb hoarder and I know it. By far, the Hex Girls’ Thorn bath bomb has been one of my favorites. The scent is very soothing and earthy, but not to the point of being overbearing. It helped ease a lot of tension I was experiencing mentally and the strain I was carrying in my back.
Faceless is also an incredible product; I love how easily it takes off my eyeliner. I wear some aspect of black liner or shadow every day, and have had issues with it streaking and sticking to my face rather than coming off. Faceless takes it off and has softened my skin since I started using it; and that was just last week.
Roses are Red was the first product I used by Kayla, and I love it. Sometimes rose can be a super-sweet and headache-inducing scent, but I used this mask for weeks and loved it. It’s nice to know that there’s vegan products out there; I have highly sensitive skin and everything I’ve used so far has made me feel great.
I respect the hell out of Kayla and her accomplishments with Foxie Cosmetics!
— Sabrina H

I’ve been shopping here for awhile now (maybe almost a year?) and I’ve never been so happy with this many products. I’m one of those people that love to try new cosmetic brands but after my first order I was hooked. I no longer buy any skin care items from anywhere else.

I work outside with plants so my skin was oily from sweat in the spring/summer but dry/cracked in the winter and I always come home covered in soil. I started using the face soap bars and masks and my acne completely went away. The balms and lotion left my skin super soft but not oily. I used to always use body wash because soap always dried out my skin but the soap Kayla makes is amazing (so is her shower gels). One of my favorite parts of her products are how natural and fresh the scents are. The solid perfume bloom is seriously one thing that I was so impressed with. You have an amazing talent.

I’ve never been disappointed with any product I’ve order. Everything always arrives safe and is packaged nicely. I can’t wait to see what new creations come out in 2017 :)
— Cortland S

Absolutely amazing products! Soothing, natural, refreshing, and great for my skin!

I have been a customer of Kayla’s since she opened her store last year, and I can honestly say that I am a devoted customer for life.
I started by buying her bath bombs (jellyfish is my absolute fave) to help with my muscle and joint pain I experience due to lupus. The fragrances are delightful and in addition to helping to ease my pain, they help me to relax.
I don’t get to take baths as often as I like, which makes me super thankful for Kayla’s exceptional shower line. Both the Mint to be Under the Sea body scrub and body wash smell wonderful and really awaken my senses. The body scrub especially is great on my super sensitive skin to exfoliate gently and leave me smelling like the ocean all day.
It’s obvious that Kayla takes a lot of time and love to create her products and her passion really comes through. I can’t imagine not using her products anymore. They’ve become an essential part of my beauty routine (Also: Her lip scrubs are fantastic!).

For over a year and through her expansion she’s remained just as passionate and consistent in her products. I can’t wait to see how far she goes and highly recommend Foxie Bombs for whatever ails you, and if not, just to treat yourself :)
— Rachel C

I would choose Foxie Bombs over any other “specialty” bath store products any day of the week. Kayla offers fantastic customer service and even better products. I have to limit my time on the site so I don’t buy everything - there are so many things I can’t wait to try but I’m pacing myself! I love her focus on providing products that are not seen from mainstream beauty providers, and everything I’ve purchased from FB has been incredible. Not to mention, it’s amazing to shop for luxury bath goods that are both affordable and vegan - Foxie Bombs is a dream come true! Whenever I need to treat myself I order a few bath bombs and then further reward myself with a luxurious bath over the following weeks and months. Thank you, Kayla!
— Leanna P

New Go-To for Skincare!

I recently ordered the charcoal + myrrh cleansing bar, as well as the carrot + rose facemask and I’ve never had clearer skin! Immediately after using these products regularly, my skin began to physically improve. The cleansing bar dried up my breakouts in record time; my oily skin and huge pores have drastically improved after only a week! The facemask smells incredible and leaves my skin looking glowy. I use it every few days. The wait for these products was long because it’s a small business, but I will definitely be checking out other products; they’re quality, all natural, and effective, as well as cheaper than a lot of other lines! Foxie is better than Lush any day!
— Sarah B

I have panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder and using Foxiebombs products has allowed me to reprioritize self-care. The smells, textures, and whimsy of all of the products have also greatly reduced my stress levels.
— Emily L

Everything is incredible!

Every product I’ve tried has smelled great and felt amazing on my skin. These products are truly unique and high quality. I can’t wait to try out more!
— Heather N

Foxie bomb cosmetics are amazing ! I just ordered the Charcoal and Myrrh Face Cleanser and I love how all the ingredients are safe and soft enough to use on my skin while I’m pregnant. It’s the only thing that saved my skin during my pregnancy from breakouts. I am now a dedicated customer for life. I can’t wait to purchase more of her products.
— Alexandra C

Overall I’m very please with these products. The scents are fantastic (I get complimented on doom on the reg and I will just sniff my skin after using coven because the scent lingers and it’s perfect). Peony petals works so well and smells great and kids of the black hole helps keep my oily skin in check without stripping it. Thank you for your brand!
— Michelle K

Kayla’s products look, feel, and smell amazing. The Rose Dread soap was like a dream and I was genuinely said when it ran out. It feels so good to support a black girl with such unique and quality products.
— Marcella C

Green with Envy has left my face feeling and looking amazing! Followed by Softer, Softest twice a day, my skin is glowing and feels so soft!
— Treasure M

Foxie Bombs is fantastic!

I have sensitive skin and spent years looking for products that were fun, beautiful, handmade, all natural, and effective. I’d been using Lush for many years, because they checked off most of my requirements, but I am SO glad I found Foxie Bombs. The products meet all my requirements (plus I am also into supporting one-woman business). The bath products are indulgent (but have become so damn necessary to my beauty routine) and the shower icing makes my skin softer than I thought imaginable. I am definitely a customer for life.
— Emily L

Beautiful Handcrafted Products
These products are so lovely. I bought the Pantone 1785 Shower Icing, The Craft Bath Crush, the Jellyfish Bath Crush and two bath bombs. They all smell delicious and the scent lingers on your skin long after a bath/shower. The shower icing is definitely my favorite, leaves my skin feeling soft and silky in one step.
— April D

My favorite Foxie product is a toss-up between the Charcoal + Myrrh Face Cleanser and the Green With Envy Face Cleanser. Charcoal + Myrrh makes my pores noticeable clearer even after one use, and gets rid of the oil on my face. It also helps control my acne. I like to use it once in the morning and once at night or at times my face is feeling especially oily. The rest of the time I like using the Green With Envy Cleanser. Within a week of using this cleanser, my acne and complexion unevenness had cleared up considerably. And on top of all this, it softens your skin! It’s great to use throughout the day. I love both products and they are definitely staples in my routine.

Recently I tried out the Carrot + Rose facemask and even after only leaving it on for a little while, it noticeable softened and brightened my skin. It also smells great. (but literally every Foxie product I’ve tried so far smells great!) The quality of these products is better than anything I’ve seen in other bath and beauty products, and I know whatever I get is going to be made with care and great vegan ingredients. I love Foxie products and definitely will be a long-time customer. :)
— Chelsea J

I’ve used LUSH for 7 years and I’m converting to all Foxie Bomb products as of my second purchase!

The first product I tried was the facial cleanser, Green with Envy. I previously used a charcoal based cleanser with a high detoxifying level. After trying Green with Envy I noticed my face was brighter, and not dry. Two weeks after using the product I’ve noticed a huge difference in my overall complexion and the FEELING of my skin is great.

As someone who has used vegan facial/body care products from lush all this time (and worked there) I can honestly say that these products are worth it. The uses of vitamins, raw oils, clays, and natural antiseptics are a great balance with varying aromas-and there’s a genuine care for the products made.
— Elías S

Kindness for your Skin

i feel so fresh every time I use Kids of the Black Hole. It doesn’t scrape up my face, it doesn’t leave me raw — it just cleanses.
— Allison F

I am in love. Cannot wait to order more!!
— Mikaela C

I am absolutely in love with everything from foxie cosmetics! After my first order I converted all of my bath products to foxie, the bath bombs leave my skin smelling amazing and help me with any pain I’m feeling, the shower gels all smell amazing, and the skin care products have helped me clear my skin without causing irritation!
— Mary D
I’ve been ordering from Foxie Bombs since it was just a bath bomb shop. All of the products are exceptional! I put in an order every time the store is restocked. All of the soaps and bath bombs are wonderful, the doll parts lotion saved my hands this winter, and I absolutely LOVE the hair products. I’m now using the Vitameatavegamin shampoo and Headorama conditioner and my hair is so happy!
— Dana A

I love using these products, they’re so unique and have that perfect balance of DIY genius and self care. I fell head-over-heels for the solid perfumes, especially Doom, because it’s warm and spicy smelling without being overwhelming. I also love the Chamomile Softea Face Toner, it’s perfect for a midday pick-me-up to moisturize your face and clear up any redness. I’d totally recommend any Foxie Bombs products, they’re fantastic and leave you feeling refreshed.
— Deirdre S

I 100% swear by the Beetroot+Rose cleanser. I have tried tons of skin cleansers from cetaphil to some Pacifica and my skin has never looked as good as it does now. I literally walk out of the shower glowing. I also own the fragrances Drift and Noise. Both of which I have received compliments on.
— Sarah S

ok guys so after about a week of using my new foxie bombs facial cleanser and toner my skin is less red/inflamed in general, less bumpy, and has considerably less angry acne all over it so im basically crying with joy because i havent had skin this nice since before puberty
— hearingfootsteps on Tumblr on Beetroot + Rose Cleanser, and the Geranium & Tea Tree Toner

Beautiful Products! I bought The Craft bath bomb crush and Bery Berry shower icing. Both are exceptionally high quality products that do just as they say, and smell amazing!
— April B

I first heard of Foxie Bombs through a tumblr post, and fell in love will all the products offered! I have Cerebral Palsy and as a result, my feet and legs feel awful by the end of the day. I ordered Vanilla & Coconut scrub, The Cranberries body butter, and Rose Dread Soap! Everything is absolutely perfec, and arrived fast and was packed well! I only need to use a small amount of product for each of these things, especially The Cranberries! My legs and feet definitely feel better after using the products purchased. I recommend Foxie/Kayla to anyone that I can because her products are phenomenal. As a first time customer, I’m pleased to say that I will be back with each re-stock!
— Allison G
I have tried a few different bath bomb brands and Foxie Bombs are my absolute favorite. After only one order, I was hooked. The quality is amazing— my skin is left feeling silky and soft from the oils. The fragrances are strong, but also soothing. And the little extra touches— rose petals, sea salt, glitter— assure me that these products are made with love and thoughtfulness.
Be warned: You are NOT going to want to leave the bath, so grab a book, light some candles, and get cozy.
— Shereen D

I was born with Sickle Cell Anemia, because of that and the medicine I take my body is very sensitive. There are very few products that I trust and use regularly. After trying The Distiller face cleanser I knew Foxie Bombs will be my go to natural cosmetics.
— Rachel B

I love your products. The packaging is cute, the smells are so nice, and they do the job perfectly. I also appreciate the fact they are handmade in small batches. Will def buy again and cant wait to try some of the other products.
— Graciela C

Such great combinations of smells for everything I ordered, especially the Big Green body butter, Loopy bath bomb, Gaze soap, and Crybaby soap. Soooooo amazing and relaxing, I always just smell them throughout the day. Definitely looking forward to ordering again, I can’t wait to see all the new products and re-order favorites!!!
— Sarina R

I’ve been a Lush user for years, but wanted to branch out and try some companies. I feel like Lush has been lacking in mouisturizing bath products. I used the Foxie Bombs Planet Curmudgeon bath bomb last night. My skin felt AWESOME and it left my bathroom smelling like a spa. I will definitely be a Foxie Bomb customer for a long time to come :)
— Haley D