Fall'17 Nightly Routine

It's finally starting to get windy and stay at least mid-50s outside (only took until November to get here), so we've got to adjust our skin care routines where they need to be adjusted. Hopefully not having to do too much changing.

I have combination skin, or more-so, I have to exfoliate my chin and the sides of my nose around my piercings a little more than the rest of my face. 

How It Goes Down:

1. WAKE Cleanser (used with hands).

While this is more of a morning Cleanser (It's in the name afterall), I do use this at night sometimes when I've been out at shows and probably have on some sort of make-up. It breaks it all down without burning my eyes, and since I mainly wear eye make-up, this is key for me.

2. Beetroot + Rose and Green With Envy Cleansers (mixed and with a washcloth).

Either of these are absolutely great to use alone. I just like to get the benefits of both since I have them readily available.  They both help fight acne, help with blemishes, are conditioning as heck and detergent free (all of my bar soaps are!), and do a great job slightly buffering the skin. Both are natures "food for the skin" Cleansers and I don't know what I'd do if I stopped making them.

3. NuSkin Moisturizing Pumice Face Scrub (applied with hands).

NuSkin isn't just a face scrub at all, It's a moisturizer to begin with and can be used like a mask because it's ingredients want to soak into your new skin before buffering away the old. Most face scrubs just do what the name says; scrub. With NuSkin, you're detoxing, purifying, drawing out dirt, penetrate deep to rejuvenate and supply your skin with Vitamins C & E. Leaving your skin completely soft and un-irritated. 

I love this moisturizing mask scrub hybrid! The scent (Bay Leaves, Rose, Eucalyptus and Basil) is perfect and feels incredibly pampering without being overpowering. It's made with VERY fine pumice, Rose Clay and Calendula flowers petals that won't rub your skin raw. It's consistency is like a fluffy moisturizer, and a little bit goes a very long way.

I only use NuSkin twice a week.

4. Imperial Recovering Face Mask w/ 24k Gold.

This mask does... a lot. It's aim is to recover, so it only makes sense. Plus it wouldn't be Foxie if it wasn't multipurpose. 

I know to go to this mask when I want everything done. When I can't decide what to focus on specifically, so I just get it all in one go. RECOVER. Restore and feed my skin all that it needs and let me go on about my night.

"Imperial invigorates and cools to recover hydration for plump elastic skin, protect from sun damage and future moisture loss, adds smoothness and strength, draws out oil and acne causing toxins, replacing them with plant & fruit extracts, proteins and active ingredients to condition, nourish and clear out pores. Imperial also has blue cornflower petals and a faint natural vanilla aroma."

5. Foxié Face Toner w/ Hyaluronic Acid (applied on cotton pad).

I don't drink, but I felt inspired to do yet another play on words over here at Foxie. I mean, why the heck not. 

Foxié is the brainchild of wanting a standard toner, but, let's crank that baby up to 11. We've got fruit and plant extracts that are happy to meet science to bring you plump, toned, hydrated and well fed skin. 

We use Toners to help with blemishes and even out the overall TONE of our complexions. We also use them to grab and remove any dirt or excess product. Even to help with acne. Most importantly, we use Toners to get the Ph level of our skin back between a 4 - 5.5, which is important for skins health.

Foxié looks really "extra" in it's design, but it's exactly as it should be to showcase all the extra in the bottle.

6. Mellow Night Treatment (thin layer applied over entire face + neck).

I've raved about this from the moment of it's inception! I nearly can't live without it, and I think it's the true "key" to the bizarrely soft texture of my skin. I use it every night (when I remember). 

"MELLOW is a powerful moisturizing night treatment and hydrator that soothes, softens, provides tissue stability, holds 500 times it's weight in water - protecting your skin from future moisture loss, is incredibly rich in vitamins, helps against signs of stress, rejuvenates blemished skin (dark spots), conditions and firms, all while toning, energizing and leaving your skin mildly exfoliated while you sleep!

Change the texture of your skin into a smooth, soft pillow that glows.

MELLOW features Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes, Aloe, a bioactive complex blend of Fruit Extracts from the Australian desert, Algae Extract & Hyaluronate, Rhubarb & Soapwort Extracts, Lupine & Wheat Proteins, Sea Fennel, Shea and Mango Butters, and Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil giving it a slight fresh lemon-esq zing!"

7. Softer, Softest Moisturizer (semi-heavy layer applied over entire face + neck).

If you know me, you know this is the one thing I'd pick to keep in my life no matter what. I use this on my lips, new tattooes, face and neck. I was once told it helped an entire tent during Standing Rock and that's possibly the greatest descriptor for this.

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