Jellyfish (The Ultimate Healer)

Jellyfish (The Ultimate Healer)


Packed with FOUR different types of extra soothing muscle relaxing salts (and double the regular amount), Pink Himalayan Sea Salts, Peppermint and Sage, plus Jellyfish is loaded with my special blend of muscle rescuing essential oils - Jellyfish will leave you feeling as if you just bathed in The Great Lake of Healing.

Fresh cucumber, mint, modern rose and lily brightened with hints of orange, lime and ocean breeze scent. The scent alone will make you feel better!

You can use as little or as much, in a regular or foot bath, without feeling like you've wasted a huge bomb. Save some for other achy days.


Only 3 allowed per customer. Violators will have their orders cancelled. 

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After a hellish work day, I came home and ran a bath using Jellyfish bath bomb crush. It has sage leaves and essential oils and really soothes tired and sore muscles. I played spa music and read some of my book and never felt more relaxed. I also used the peppermint solid shampoo and I was surprised at how creamy the lather was. After my bath, I used the Fruit body butter. My skin has never felt so soft! I’m so impressed with Kayla and her Foxie brand!! Everything I have purchased thus far has been truly decadent.
— Andrea B
I have chronic pain due to lupus and this bomb is heavenly in helping to soothe my achey joints and muscles and the smells and colors are heavenly! This one is great for baths and for soaking your feet as well after a long day. I couldn’t recommend this bomb any more!! I’ve tried many of this store’s bombs and loved them all, but this one is definitely my favorite.
— Rachel C
Jellyfish turns the water the prettiest turquoise and smells so light and relaxing! It’s absolute heaven to get into a bath with this crush after long hours of working at the computer. My back is so grateful! I also love the idea of bath crushes; I don’t feel I have to wait for the “right moment” to treat myself to an extra special bath.
— Steph K
I’ve ordered multiple Foxie Bombs products and have never not liked an item. My favorite by far though has to be the Jellyfish bath bomb crush! I’m a head baker at a vegan resturant five days a week. So I’m constantly on my feet. There’s nothing more rewarding than soaking in a Jellyfish bath at the end of the week! ❤️
— Amanda W
I have ordered two separate bath crush bags, the jellyfish & Pantone 198c, and when I use them in my bath I feel like I am getting a pampering that I know I deserve. Not only do these two bath crushes have a most appealing smell, but mixed together in a bath makes me feel like the Devine feminine I am. I work in a very physically demanding job, and my whole body is sore and achy by the time I get home. If I have the time to soak, you know I am going to grab a foxie bomb or crush bag and relax in a true moment of purity, clarity, and utter bliss. This woman is my hero of personal moments. And I am in love with her and her cosmetics.
— Katelyn F
I LOVE these products! I gave them as gifts for a coworker and her children. Safe for kids, and they had a blast with them! The order came so fast, and Foxy took the extra time to package them in a way that was appealing to kids and gift wrapped. I cannot say enough about these products and this seller, amazing! She went above and beyond in every way imaginable!! LOVE these!!!
— Madison B
This was the first bath bomb I ever purchased and used from FB and I can honestly say I’ve never come out from a bath feeling more relaxed or smelling as amazing as I did! It will forever be my favorite bomb I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.
— Christina R
I just about DIED over the gorgeous color and incredible smell of this bomb! It totally took away all my aches and pains after a whole night of dancing! Love these bombs, will be buying more for all my girl’s birthdays this year!!! :)
— Jinnifer J
I’ve never had a bath bomb that smelt so good, helped with my muscles that much and also didn’t dry out my skin. It was so beautiful, a really nice self care experience. Buying loads more for my new tub!
— Destiny W
I gave two of the Jellyfish bombs to my mom for mother’s day. She is usually pretty picky with her scent’s but really liked this one, she also has really sensitive skin and didn’t react to this which is wild. The bombs came on time and intact and the packaging was cute too! Overall great experience, I’ll buy from here next time I want a bath bomb.
— Emily E
it was very relaxing and soothing for my muscular aches and pains :) definitely plan to buy again
— Rita L

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Kaolin, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Fragrance, Purified water, aloe barbadensis leaf juice (certified organic filet of aloe vera), glycerin (vegetable), hamamelis virginiana  (un-distilled witch hazel) extract, citric acid, citrus grandis (grapefruit) seed extract, and tocopheryl (vitamin E) acetate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, essential oil, fragrance, Pacific sea salt, Black Hawaiian lava sea salt, rosemary, menthol, spearmint and spearmint leaves, and moring leaves, mica