Green With Envy - Bar

Green With Envy - Bar


Green With Envy is a facial cleansing bar for all skin types + sensitive skin, and want something to keep your skin toned, supple, smooth, clean and as freshly glowing as possible. Green With Envy also helps to fight and tame acne. With Green Zeolite Clay to help absorb excess oils, Olive Leaf Powder and Tea Tree oil known for their antiseptic properties, and Rosemary to keep you clean, this bar is a must have in your routine. It's in mine! 

Detergent free.

Approx. 7oz

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Tea Tree oil: Known for its antiseptic properties. Used in a lot of acne products. 

Rosemary: High in camphor and is traditionally used in decongestant blends and muscle pain relief blends. Soothing on skin.

Green Clay: A mild scrub, natural cleansing agent, due to its exceptional absorption properties.

Olive Leaf: Astringent and antiseptic properties, bringing peace to your skin. 



Oh ME OH MY! This bar is so kind to my face it’s not even funny. This past year I’ve transitioned to all natural hygiene products and it’s really been DIFFICULT finding a cleanser friendly to my melanin without drying me out and leaving dry patches. Anyway I’m really really grateful that I came across foxie site and took a chance with this bar. I’m NEVER using any other cleanser on my face again. It smells good, it works, and it’s natural what else could a sister need?! OH and I took the advice of another reviewer and it’s lasted way longer cutting the bar into pieces. Thank You Foxie!
— Tanisha S
Just bought the Green with Envy Cleanser and I love it so much!!! My skin doesn’t feel dry or tight but my normal to oily skin still feels clean and refreshed. I can use it day and night and also in winter without worrying about stripping my skin
— Abi M
I’ve only been using the cleanser bar for a little less than a week, but I’ve seen a visible change in my face since starting! My skin is starting to look more even and it’s a lot less red. I cut the bar into little pieces so it’d last me a little longer, but I’m already planning my next order.
— Carina B
Green with Envy has left my face feeling and looking amazing! Followed by Softer, Softest twice a day, my skin is glowing and feels so soft!
— Treasure M
My favorite Foxie product is a toss-up between the Charcoal + Myrrh Face Cleanser and the Green With Envy Face Cleanser. Charcoal + Myrrh makes my pores noticeable clearer even after one use, and gets rid of the oil on my face. It also helps control my acne. I like to use it once in the morning and once at night or at times my face is feeling especially oily. The rest of the time I like using the Green With Envy Cleanser. Within a week of using this cleanser, my acne and complexion unevenness had cleared up considerably. And on top of all this, it softens your skin! It’s great to use throughout the day. I love both products and they are definitely staples in my routine.
— Chelsea J
I ordered the green with envy face wash, and I can tell you HONESTLY that this cleanser will keep your skin bright, clean, and on the defense of life’s natural irritants.
— Kiana B
This is probably the only thing I’ve ever washed my face with and LOVED my face after. Everything else I’ve tried either dries me out so badly that even lotion doesn’t help, or it leaves me feeling oilier than before I even washed.
I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin and Green with Envy evens out the tone, leaves my skin soft and fresh. It’s also smells AMAZING! I cut it into little pieces and store what I’m not using in a jar so that I can make this miracle bar last as long as I can :)
— Alex T
I previously used a charcoal based cleanser with a high detoxifying level. After trying Green with Envy I noticed my face was brighter, and not dry. The zeolite clay really cleans out your pores and the tea tree is a natural antiseptic that quickly helps with breakouts. Rosemary is great in everything because it evens out your tone and gives a softness to your skin. The oat protein and olive leaf also repair and heal your skin. Two weeks after using the product I’ve noticed a huge difference in my overall complexion and the FEELING of my skin is great.
I got jealous of myself.
— Elías S

Ingredients: Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Stearate, Glycerin, Water, Sorbitol, Titanium Dioxide,  Zeolite Clay, Olive Leaf, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Rosmarinus Officinalis