Envelope yourself inside of the fluffiest cloud. My most whipped and softest Body Butter to date will leave your skin fragrant and visibly healthier. Infused with Cranberry Fruit and a special blend of Oils. Watch Cloud melt right into your skin.

I plucked a piece of the sky and it was scented like — Bright Citrus, Amber, Vanilla, fresh Bamboo, Green Tea, rich notes of Patchouli, Fresh Spearmint and Romaine Lettuce glistening with morning Dew, Pink Amber, Blushed Orchid and Jasmine Petals.


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Cranberry Fruit : Has one of the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), which means it's VERY high in anti-oxidant properties.

Shea Butter: Potent moisturizer and emollient providing effective skin protection against environmental stress factors. Has been shown to have anti-irritant and soothing properties and improves the appearance of aging skin.

Tucuma Butter: Moisturizes the skin.

Rice Bran Oil: Diminish the effects of aging and slow the formation of wrinkles due to the high concentrations of tocopherol and tocotrienol, two forms of the powerful antioxidant Vitamin E.

Sunflower Oil: Nourishes and softens skin.